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The house "Val-du-Séran" belongs to the village of Ruffieu in the Northern part of the Valromey-valley, which belongs to the French departement AIN (01).

Visitors coming by train (SNCF) will have as destination station CULOZ or BELLEGARDE (depending on the chosen train route). Please do not arrive after 6 pm. We can pick you up there by car and request 10 € to cover gasoline costs.

The nearest airport is Geneva. Please arrive by plane around noon or in the afternoon, not in the evening. We can pick you up at the airport and request 25 € to cover gasoline costs.

Guests coming by car will choose the exit n° 8 (Hauteville/St.Martin-du-Fresne) on the French highway A 40. After the tollhouse take the main road to your left on approx. 500 meters until the roundabout, then follow the D 31 to Chevillard - Brénod - Petit Abergement - Ruffieu.

As soon as you have reached the village Ruffieu (attention: not Ruffieux with x!) take the road D31 northwards in the direction of Petit-Abergement. After some 500 meters turn to your right (>> chemin de Préoux) and follow this way down the valley. After 1 mile you'll be arriving at Val-du-Séran.